Package From Tromp Sports Cards


For the past 6 years, I have been a part of a group called the Team Collectors. We met on the old Beckett boards and formed a group that would send cards to each other. It’s a great group as not only has our team collections have grown, but there is a friendship among us all. We look out for each other, listen to each other when we have problems and have been there for each other. It’s a group I cherish being a part of and I hope we continue to be together for a long time.

One of the members, Mike, has an online card store. Here is the link in case you want to check it out:  It’s a nice online shop. I recommend it.

So I finally placed an order, since he had some cards I needed for my various collections and not too long after, I received my package. Here are some of my favorites.

I am a huge Mark Teixeira fan. I have been since his days as a Texas Ranger. Once he became a Yankee, I decided to collect his cards and the store had a few I needed for my Teixeira collection.





I also got to pick up this Topps Heritage Certified autograph of former Yankees pitcher Bob Kuzava.


I already got his autograph through the mail, but I thought this card looked very cool and at the price I paid it was too good to pass up.

There were other cards I picked up, but those were non Yankee cards and this is a blog about nothing but the New York Yankees, so onward we go.

Mike also threw in some extra cards for my Yankees collection.


I love these cards of Ruth and Mantle. Mickey is one of my all time favorite Yankees and anytime I can add a card of his to my Yankees collection, I am a happy guy. I would love to add some Mantle vintage to my collection one day. Maybe when I hit the lottery I can.


I just started a Derek Jeter PC, so these will go great into that collection. Over the past couple of weeks I have been hunting through my Yankees cards and pulling all Jeter cards and putting them into 9 pocket pages. I just need to buy a binder for them all.

There were other cards inside the package, but these were my absolute favorites. I want to thank my buddy Mike for the sale and his generosity on the extras. I cannot recommend his online store enough, so check it out and tell him that I sent you.


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