Start Of A New Collection

As many cards I have. As many bobble heads I own. As many autographs I possess. I am always looking for something else to collect to show my love of the Yankees. Sure I have figures and jerseys and t shirts and magazines and other stuff that would make most people back away slowly. I figured what I collect next shouldn’t take too much room or I might end up on that T.V. series, “Hoarders”. 

So, I decided I would start 2 new Yankees collections. These are collections I have always wanted to start and have always been doing in someway. I just decided to be more serious about collecting and taking care of them as I would my other Yankees treasures. One I will discuss here and the other will have a entry of it’s own. Today, I want to show off the beginnings of my Yankees pin collection.

Now, As I mentioned before, I have a few pins already (finding them would be a good thing).  After looking at other fans pins collections, I decided to start my own. Picking up pins is pretty cheap, so I hope to have a pretty good collection of different Yankee pins by the end of the year. 

I was out and about this past Saturday and decided to pop into the Yankees Clubhouse store on 42nd St, by 8th Ave. As I was looking at a few t shirts, jerseys and jackets I plan to pick up for the new season, I stopped by the register to inquire about a Yankees phone cover for my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. They only had Iphone covers at the moment, but I will keep looking as I cannot find a Yankees cover for this phone to save my life. While I was there, I noticed a spin rack of different Yankee pins. After looking over what they had, I picked 3 from the rack and bought them. 

Here are the three pins I picked up:



Grabbed this one of the interlocking NY. I’m more of a fan of the baseball logo, but they didn’t have that one at the time. I will grab it when I see it.


Picked up this one of the new Yankee Stadium. Anything that has Yankee Stadium in any of it’s incarnations, I will grab for my collection.


Of course no Yankees collection is complete without the trophy that no other team as won more of. This was the first pin I saw off the rack and grabbed it without thinking twice.

Admittedly, I do not know much about collecting pins. I do know I have to find a binder of some sort where I can store them. I have seen Disney pin collectors carry their pins around in these binders and I believe I can pick one up at the next sports card show I attend in a couple of weeks, 

I also know that the more desirable pins to collect are the press pins. These are pins that are given out to members of the media for special events such as the All Star Game and World Series, I have seen a few of these pins on eBay and they command a nice chunk of change. Maybe when I have more funds I will pick up a few press pins. 

I’m pretty excited to start this part of my Yankees collection. I’m sure as this collection grows with pins I pick up at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees Clubhouse Store, eBay or anywhere else, I will cherish them as I do with every other part of my collection. I already can’t wait to add more pins.


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