New Cards For The Yankees Collection And Some More 2013 Topps

I have been a part of a group of guys who share the same passion as I do. Collect as many cards, autographs, game used, figurines, bobble heads, magazines and whatever else we can get our hands on of our favorite teams. We call ourselves The Team Collectors. (Catchy name, ain’t it?). We came together about 7 years ago over on the old Beckett boards. Thankfully  I was the first one who responded and claimed the Yankees and we were off and running.

The premise of the group, originally, was pretty simple. We would send all the other collectors cards of their teams. In return, they would send back cards of the team you collected. Very basic stuff. But, over time, we all have become very close. We not only send each other cards, we are there for each other. We have been through divorces, deaths, marriages, births and everything else life has thrown at us. This group of guys has become a second family to me and I am proud to be a part of this group.

Today, one of our members, Chris who is our resident A’s collector, sent me a nice 2 team bag package of Yankees cards. Here are some of my favorites:

Some Ichiro for the collection:



I’m really hoping that he maintains the .300 average he put up after he was traded to New York. I was glad the Yankees resigned him. He has always been one of my favorite players.

Some 2013 Topps Yankees cards

2013 yankees


I love those Chasing History inserts. Inserts are some of my favorite cards to collect and Topps always has some cool inserts.

A-Rod’s chase to 3,000 hits will be so ho-hum. It’s pretty sad. This should be a celebrated feat, but because of the scandals Rodriguez has been linked to, I’m afraid he won’t get the adulation 3,000 hits warrents.

Some Mark Teixeira cards for my Teixeira collection that I needed:

tex1 tex2 tex3


And an Adam Warren Bowman Platinum autograph

adam warren

Thanks so much Chris. I will be getting a package out to you as well. By the way, Chris has started an A’s blog. I urge you all to go check it out at It’s brand new, so lets all follow it and encourage Chris to blog more and grow it to be a great A’s blog.

I also took another dip into the 2013 Topps waters and bought a jumbo pack of cards. I usually have great luck with Topps Baseball Jumbo packs. I have pulled a 1/1 Dan Uggla Letter patch card which I flipped for a Lou Brock auto and a Barack Obama cut autograph on a baseball. That I sold and used the money to pay off some bills. Yes, I wish I held on to it a little longer. I sold the card before he became president and probably cost myself an extra thousand. But, I’m fine with the sale and don’t regret it.

This pack did not yield anything special:


2013 topps

I did manage to pull one Yankees card and it’s a beauty, if I do say so myself



Pretty sweet die cut insert. Not sure if these are hard to pull. I didn’t see any in the blaster I opened before. I’m going to have to do some research on it. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet addition to my Yankees PC. I do have a small Jeter PC going. I say small as I don’t actively collect Jeter since he is pretty expensive. But, thanks to the Team Collectors, I have a nice Jeter collection.

Looking forward to the first televised Spring Training game on YES Network this Sunday against the on paper improved Toronto Blue Jays. The game starts at 1 pm  I love watching the very first televised Spring Training game. It reminds me that Spring is not too far off and Opening Day will be here soon enough. I can officially start counting the days to April 1st.


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