Finally….2013 Topps Blaster Is In My Hands!

It’s funny how things sometimes happen. On Wednesday, I was on my way to an autograph session at Mid Town Comics Downtown to meet Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. At first, I wasn’t going to go, having read and disliking what he did to Peter Parker, but I figured if I didn’t try and meet one of the better writers in comics today I would eventually regret it.

After my workout, I jumped on someone else’s train (The Cure representin’, yo) and headed to Fulton St. Once I got to the comic book store, I saw a line that went outside. With only an hour to go, I figured that I would not get to meet Slott so I left to go home. I passed a Modell’s Sporting Good Store, looked in the window and there it was. A blaster of 2013 Topps Baseball. I immediately went inside, grabbed the box with my greedy mitts and bought the blaster.

Once I got home, I tore into that sucker and started opening packs. Now, I’m not much of a reviewer. I leave that to other bloggers who actually know what they are talking about. But, I always love the design of Topps Baseball. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I look forward to my first baseball product of the year or maybe because I have been busting this product since 1978 and have become extremely biased. Regardless, I love the simple designs Topps uses for this product.

As I opened packs, I made sure to look for Yankee cards. Midway through my 3rd pack I finally pulled a Yankee:


A C.C. Sabathia Calling Card insert. Nice card. Kind of looks like an Allan & Ginter card.

I resumed opening packs, looking for more Yankees for my collection. After striking out more times than the Gas-House Gorillas, I finally pulled another Yankee in my final pack. Unfortunately, it was a Yankee who is no longer with the team.. or the country for that matter.



Still, 2 Yankees i this blaster is ok with me. Better than no Yankees and I turn into someone worse than those people trying to return video games in that Game Fly commercial. Here is the “hits” I pulled from the blaster.

baseball cards

I also pulled 2 Million Dollar Chase code cards. I think that part of the Topps Website won’t be up until April, so hold on to those cards.

Last year, I pulled a Roger Maris fake patch card. This year, I get a Padre. I hope it makes the Padre collector in my group very happy. I do dig the mini 1972 inserts. I look forward to getting all the Yankees in that little set.

Overall, I like the product and I’m very happy with the purchase. Would have liked more Yankees for my collection, but what are you going to do? I will pick up a few more blasters and pick up the Yankees base team set while I hunt for the inserts and any game used or autographs this set has of the Yankees.

Maybe the next time I go hunting for Topps Baseball I will run into Dan Slott instead.



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