From The Collection: Casey Stengel Bobblehead

Casey Stengel Photo (10)


Today I actually hoped I was going to be able to show my first Yankee cards from 2013 Topps Baseball. Unfortunately, the Target I shop at in the Bronx didn’t get their shipment in as of yet. I should have known that would happen. The last 2 years they didn’t get that years Topps in until 2 weeks after it was released. Oh well, I guess I’m going to either have to hit my local card shop and grab a couple of packs of Jumbo or hit Kmart to see if they have the blasters in.

Baseball cards are not the only Yankee related things I collect. One of my absolute favorite things to collect are bobbleheads. I’m a huge fan of them and have been buying them for a couple of years now. Right now, I currently stand at 30 Yankees bobblehead figures (I refuse to call them dolls!) in my collection and I’m always looking to add more.

Today, I wanted to show off one of my more recent pick ups, Casey Stengel. I have been wanting to add the “Old Perfessor” to my bobblehead collection for sometime. Most of the ones I saw on ebay always finished at a price I was unwilling to pay.

Then, I noticed one that had an extremely low bid with a day to go. I put it on my watch list and bid the most I was willing to go. A day later, I got the notification that I won Casey at an amount I a lot lower than I bid. I was extremely happy that I won it and was even more pleased when Casey arrived.



This particular bobblehead is made by Alexander Global, which in my opinion, made some of the best bobbleheads. This one is a retail bobble. Casey is dressed in Yankee pinstripes and Yankee blue baseball cap. The plaque on the base simply says 10 pennants and 7 world titles. I think the resemblance is terrific as well.






The back shows Casey’s number 37 that he wore proudly on his back as he guided the American League “Whiz Bangs” to the ultimate success again and again from 1949-1960 when he was unceremoniously fired by the Yankees for “being too old”. Casey went on to manage the Mets and helped put them on the map.

I really like this bobblehead and I love the idea of the managers getting their due in bobble form. I do have a Joe Torre in my collection. I would love to see a Miller Huggins, Joe McCarthy and Ralph Houk put out as well. I think there is a Billy Martin bobblehead out there, but not by Alexander Global or Forever, who puts out the majority of  bobbleheads these days.

To me, bobblehead figures are as part of baseball as peanuts and Cracker Jacks. They make great collectibles and are a great way to show off your team spirit. I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to showing off more of my bobbleheads in future blogs.


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