1964 Topps Giants Baseball



As someone who is always looking to add vintage cards to my Yankees collection at a reasonable price, I have found that the 1964 Topps Giants fits the bill. This set is very affordable for those who want to add vintage cards for prices that won’t break the bank.

1964 Topps Giants has 60 postcard sized cards in this set. These glossy cards were sold in three card cello packs. There were 7 short printed cards in this set. Even back in the 60’s the short prints wrecked havoc on collectors as those short printed cards are pretty rare, with Sandy Koufax being one of them. From what I understand, this was just a one year set and was discontinued after the the ’64 season.

There are 3 Yankees in this set. Each card is pretty affordable, unless your looking for slabbed cards. Me, I like my cards unslabbed. If they are slabbed, you really can’t enjoy the cards. Just my opinion, of course.


Love this Elston Howard card with him crouching down into the catcher’s position. While doing some research on this set, I was amazed at first that there was no Yogi Berra, until I realized he was managing the ’64 Yankees. If your buying off ebay, this card could be had for under 10.00.



One Yankees Hall Of Famer who’s prices are usually pretty reasonable is the Chairman Of The Board, Whitey Ford. Usually, Ford’s card prices are ending in the 25.00-30.00 range. This card goes for even less. I have seen unslabbed cards go for anywhere from 7.00-15.00. Pretty good price for someone who is arguably the greatest pitcher in Yankees history.









Who wouldn’t want to add a vintage Mickey Mantle to their Yankees collection. As we all know, vintage Mantle costs vintage type money. Depending on the card, expect to pay over 100.00 at minimum for one. This card, however, can be had for about 30.00 for an unslabbed card. I’ll pay 30 bucks for a vintage Mantle everyday, twice on Sunday.

I have yet to pick up these three cards for my Yankees collection. One of my collecting goals for 2013 was to add more vintage to my Yankees collection. I will add these to my collection this year. Usually, I like to deal with card dealers, but for vintage cards, I think I can pay a better price if I go through ebay. I have seen these at card shows for a lot more than what I can pay if I got them through ebay. If I’m lucky, I can add these 3 beautiful cards for under 50.00.

Oh, just for kicks and giggles, here’s a card from that same set of a future Yankees manager





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