1/31/2013-Been Way Too Long



Hey everyone. Long time no see. Hope everyone is doing alright. Me? I’m OK. I have been keeping myself  busy with work and writing a pop culture related blog called ‘The Sexy Geek’s House Of Swag”. It’s a great blog and I have a lot of fun with it. Here’s the link if your interested in checking it out :http://yankeesjetsfan.blogspot.com/

Writing The House Of Swag has made me a better blogger and after a while, I started to think about re-starting this blog. One of the reasons why I think the blog didn’t do too well the first time around was because I was new to the blogging game. I was reading other blogs and was pretty intimidated by some of the awesome stuff that was being written and I tried hard to keep up. Then I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing by blogging about collectibles when I could have been playing amateur Ken Rosenthal and stuck with stats, news and game scores.

Now that I have had some time to be away doing other things, I am back and I will blog what I blog about best. I plan to blog about my Yankees collection, any Yankee related functions I attend and that includes games, any Yankee related merchandise that is being released and anything else I can think of. Sure, I will leave my thoughts about what’s going on in the Yankee Universe and have some fun doing it .But I will not get hardcore geeky about stats. I’m not a stats guy.

So, now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you what happened this past Tuesday.

It was a usual Tuesday. I worked and went to the gym I attend in Manhattan. After lifting weights for about an hour I started walking to the train I take to go home. I have to pass through Time Square, which is never fun for me. I passed by 44th Street and I remembered my friend telling me  that Mark Teixeira was performing with the cast of Rock Of Ages that day. I started to wonder if I could actually wait and meet him once his performance was over. I decided I would try and meet him.

I had bought along a baseball with me in case I did decide to go and wait. I was expecting a huge crowd waiting, but when I only saw 2 people, I decided to wait. I had my Kindle with me and read until 9:00 PM. Around that time, the theater workers put up steel barriers in case someone went all ga ga and tried to attack Tex like Mortica The Kissing Bandit (OK, I’m showing my age there.). I passed the time making small talk with the fans who were in my area.

One by one, the cast came out and signed Playbills for the fans who had seen the show and gathered around to wait. Surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t large at all. I was expecting a lot more people waiting to try to get Teixeria to sign when he came out. But a smaller crowd is better for us autograph hounds. It increases the chance that Tex would stop and sign for us.

At 10:00 PM, the man of the hour finally showed up. As soon as Tex came out, he went right to work and started signing and talking to the fans. It wasn’t too long before he was right in front of me. I handed him my ball and noticed he was a lot bigger than I thought he was. I told him what a huge fan I was and we shared the same birthday. He thought that was pretty cool and handed me back my baseball, signed. I finally had a Mark Teixeira signed baseball and I was pretty thrilled about it. I moved out of  the way and stopped and snapped a quick shot with my phone.



I really need to invest in a camera, me thinks.

And here’s the signed baseball.



Teixeira is my favorite current Yankee and it was such a thrill not only to meet him, but to get him to sign a baseball to add to my Yankee signed baseball collection. Now, that’s what I call a terrific evening.


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