My first entry of the new year. With less than 6 days until Opening Day when the Yankees open up at Fenway against the Red Sox, I have to say I am pretty excited about this season. I have kept quiet this off season as I watch the Yankees let Damon and Matsui walk, signed Nick Johnson and Randy Winn and traded for Curtis Granderson and Javier Vasquez. I know I’m gonna miss Godzilla and, to some extent, Johnny Damon. Yes, he was an huge part of why the Yankees won last year and brought an excitable personality to the otherwise business-like Yankees, but I have to be honesty here, I never warmed up to Damon. I think Swish and AJ will give us the personality that Damon takes with him and with the additions of Grandy and Winn, our outfield defense is upgraded. With the addition of Vasquez, I think the rotation, rounded out by recently named 5th starter Phil Hughes, will be one of the best in the American League.

I hope to keep up with this blog. I enjoy writting it, but last season, time kept me from blogging as much as I wanted. Plus, I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading it to begin with. I decided that that was the wrong mentality to have. I write this because I enjoy it. If anyone reads it, great, if not, that’s ok as well. Plus, looking at all the other cool blogs on here, I guess I got a little intimidated. Not anymore. I feel I can write a great blog that people will enjoy. With some practice, maybe it can be named one of MLB’s top 100 blogs. Would be pretty sweet.

I still collect Yankees stuff and have recently added bobbleheads to my collection. I have always loved bobbleheads and want to start a nice collection of Yankee bobbleheads. After looking at other teams promotions, I have always wondered why the Yankees do not give away bobbleheads. I think that would be an awesome giveaway. Imagaine a Yankee Legends set with Babe, Gehrig, Joe D, Mickey, Rizzuto, Yogi, Then a 70’s team set of Munson, Jackson, Catfish, Pinellia, Nettles, Goose and Chambliss. An 80’s set with Mattingly, Winfield, Rickey, Guidry, Randolph, Righetti, Paglirullo and Balboni, then a 90’s set featuring Jeter, Bernie, O’Neill, Tino, Girardi, Strawberry, Pettitte and Mo. The possibilites are endless. Sadly, the Yankees don’t produce them. not sure why. I’m hoping they change their mind in the near future.

So far, I have games planned for calander weekend, Rivera figurine night in June, my usual trip to Seattle to see the Yankees play, which will be in July this year and any other games in between. I’d like to get to more than the handful I made it out to last year. Plus, I have my season tickets with the Staten Island Yankees this year. I cannot wait! Plus, I will make it to some games at Citi Field to see former Yankees play like Wang and I-Rod with the Nats and Meilky with Atlanta and try to get them to sign baseballs for the collection. There there is the trip to Chicago at the end of May. Hopefully, I’ll make it to a Cubs game this time.


Hope you’ll follow me through out the course of the season.



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