Random Thoughts

I gotta say, things are looking pretty sweet in the land of Yankees. Leaving Fenway taking 2 of 3 was great. The 7 1/2 game lead over the bosox is even better. That team will get hot again and I want to have a comfortable lead ahead of them in case they make a wild run in September. We also can’t dismiss Tampa, although their pitching hasn’t been what it was last season. The team can still hit. When you have Evan Longoria, Carlos Pena, BJ Upton, and Carl Crawford, you will score some runs. Right now, time to focus on Texas, who could be our potiental first round match up. Again, we take two of three from The Rangers, it could send a not so subtile message that if you get us in the first round, don’t expect to get to the ALCS.

Is anyone else saddend each time you see the old stadium? I live in the Bronx and pass the old girl on my way home on the 4 train. I have only been to one game so far, with two to go in Sept. I think the new park is georgous, but it’s not what the old park was. You entered Yankee Stadium and you could feel the history. You could feel Ruth, Gehrig, Joe D, The Scooter, Mickey, Maris, Elston,Catfish, Munson, and the rest of the former Yankees who are no longer with us. You could sense baseball history in the air. The smell of the hotdogs and beer filing the air as you watched the game unfolding. Sure the concourses were too small after a game and the bathrooms were overflowing with people, but I loved it. Now, I go into the new park all I feel is money. I mean, a butcher?? Come on! maybe in time I will come to love the park. I love the fact they bought the history over. The Mets should pay attention cause at Citi Field, it’s more like a shrine to the Brooklyn Dodgers. I haven’t been to the Yankees museum and I’m dying to go. I just hate seeing that old ballyard across the street get torn down and made into a park where some drunk will pee where Babe Ruth once stood at 3 am. It disgusts me and I wish the stadium would have been landmarked. They could have had a terrific museum there, complete with tours and a team store. But no, we need the parkland, which I guess, for the sake of the kids in the area, is fine. I had read about a grass roots campaign that called for the entrance to Heritage Park (That’s going to be the name of the field) to actually have a piece of the stadium as it’s entrance. That would be very cool, but the city has already said no. Figures they would. So, start saving your pennies, that propose pice of Yankee history couls be a part of your mantle soon. I know I am saving.

So, I am going to Seattle on Sept 17th. I will be catching one of the Yankee/Mariner games over at SafeCo. I have been there before and it’s a georgous park. I will then head over to Chicago on the following Friday for a weekend of hanging out with friends, plus a tour of Wrigley Field. I am so amped for this. I have never been to Chicago, much less Wrigley. I will blog about my trip to both cities if I can get a new battery for the laptop, lol. I need reading material for the excruciatingly long plane ride. Any suggestions? I have a couiple of books in mind already. I would like to read the Arod book that came out earlier in the year as well as the book about Clemens that was released a few months ago. I would also like to read up on the older Yankee teams of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. There is a book about the ’27 Yankees called Five O’Clock Lightning. I have a few weeks to decide.

Anyway, until next time,




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