6/1/2009 Decisions, decisions

I have decided to make a chang in what I write about here. As much as a die hard Yankees fan I am, I am just not a stats guy. Never have been. I couldn’t tell you what Tex batted last April or how Jeter fares against other shortstops in baseball history. What I decided to do is blog about my other passion, autographs and collecting Yankees merchandise. It’s hat I do know and the only way to make my blogs intresting to everyone who reads them.

So, what I will do is, when I recieve an autograph, either through the mail or in person, I will blog about it and include pictures. When I go and buy Yankee related merchandise, I will blog about it and when I recieve Yankee cards from my baseball card group, I will blog about it. It will make my blogs intresting and I will have something to write about without the fear of having writers block or something.

Here’s how I usually add autos to my Yankees collection, I normally will write an athlete to either his home address or in care of the team if it’s a current player. I will also buy an auto if the player is impossible to get, if the price is right. I don’t tend to hound at the ballparks because the Yankees rarely sign there and I will never, ever go to a hotel to wait. That’s an invasion of the players privacy and there is usually a lot of people waiting anyways. I will also go to a live signing, but tend to steer clear of Steiner Sports sihnings as they charge ridiculous prices, although I have to admit it may be the only way of getting someone like a Paul O’Neill. Card shows are usually a good place for me to have an item signed. The show in White Plains usually has decent prices on autograph guests.

Anyway, I didn’t get anyone today. Hopefully tomorrow. I’ll try posting some of what I have during the week.



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