Random Thoughts

Well, the weekend is here. Thank god! I am in desperate need for some R&R. Tomorrow, I will be waking up early and heading over to Citi Field for a CBS Expo where there there will be a bunch of athletes siging autographs. Appearing are:

Roy White

Mookie Wilson

OJ Anderson

John Franco

Allan Houston

Leon Washington

Harry Carson

Darryl Strawberry

Antonio Pierce

Sean Landetta

Carl Banks

Lots of players for the autograph hound in me to nab for my collection. Although I mainly collect Yankees, Jets, Knicks Devils and Islanders, I do have a Giants 8×10 and a Shea Stadium 8×10 to get signed. Looking forward to adding some signatures to my monster Yankee Stadium piece. I only have Joe Pepitone on there so far, so adding White and Strawberry are musts. Also want to snag Washington on a Jets mini helmet and Houston on something, just not sure what. I can’t locate any Knicks mini basketballs, so I may just pick up a regular ball and have him sign that. WFAN will have their on air personalities there as well and I really wanted to get Boomer Esiason to sign a Jets throwback mini, but for the life of me cannot find one in NYC. Boooo! I guess I’ll get him to sign a Jets white pannel football and a Jets poster I am working on.

Sunday, my autographing adventures continue as I am heading to Newark to watch the Bears play. Tim Raines is the manager and Mike Torrez is the pitching coach. More signed baseballs to add to the Yankees ball collection. Not gonna bring the Yankee Stadium piece. too big. But they are not the sole purpose for me making the trip to Newark. My purpose is to finally meet my All Time favorite Yankee, Tino Martinez. Gott get him to sign a baseball and a McFarlane nameplate for a custom of him I am working on. Very excited to meet him and hope that I am able to get a picture taken with him. I will definately have pictures up this weekend.

I have been reading blogs by ballhawkers, most notably Zack Hample. I really enjoy reading his blogs and just started reading the Happy Youngsters blog as well. I always wanted to try my skills at ballhawking. Only caught one ball in my life time and it was a Paul O’Neill homer. But, alas, I am too old and too fat to be running around and accidently knocking into people, most notably kids. If one comes my way, I’ll try for it, but if not, no worries. I’ll live vicariously through Zach and Younsters blogs. I will say, that ball trapping device is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Talk to you all soon. Go Yanks!




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