It’s been a while

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Guess I really didn’t have much to say. I promise, I will update more often. Not that I have many readers anyway, lol.


Loved the performance Hughes put forth last night. he had the fast ball popping and looked more confident in his ability. What I loved was his curve. he just dumped in in at will. I forget now, but he absolutely froze one of the Tigers last night with it. I just hope he can build on this in his next start against LA. I really feel if Hughes can stay healthly and pitch like this all season, then the Yankees would be best suited to put Joba in the pen, provided if his velocity starts to pick up. If Melancon can show he’s ready to pitch at Majors then we can fix the pen

Looks like Arod will be back sooner than later, which is good. we need his pop in the lineup especially since my favorite player, Teixeria is off to his usual slow start. I do like Pena and his glove. Just wondering if he can hit.

Haven’t made it to a game at the new park just yet. I was hoping to next week, but the Sawk are in town and that’s a definate sell out. Although they slashed the prices, I still can’t afford the seats downstairs, which is fine. I love the upper deck and hope to be up there soon.


Talk to you tomorrow.





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