Yankee Autographed baseballs

Hi everyone,

Today, I just wanted to share pics of some of my prized Yankee collectables. Let me reiterate what I said in my last blog. I am not a high end collector (although I wish I was) because I really cannot afford alot of the prices. I collect on the cheap and alot of the cards, autos and anything else you’ll see, I got through bargins, pulls, ttm, apperances or through friends. I treasure everything I own and will never part with anything I add to my collection. So with that said, here we go:

First up will be autographed baseballs:



Don Larsen. Obtained in person at the Staten Island Yankees Old Timers Day. Actually, my buddy Mark got it for me as I was stuck on the other side of the park trying for some of the other Yankee players. It was a zoo, but fun. I’ll definately attend again next year.


Ralph Terry. I was able to pick this up at the Card shop I frequent in Manhattan for only ten bucks.


Mike Myers. I got him at the Westchester Card show I believe last year. Nice guy. I was wearing a Elston Howard throwback and he asked if I got any others. I told him just one other and he asked if I was gonna pick up his and laughed.


Don Mattingly. This was obtained in person. I was lucky enough to have been at Yankee Stadium after a game a couple of years ago and he stopped on his way out to sign a bit.


Scott Proctor. Also obtained in person at the Westchester Card Show. Not as personable as Myers was, but what a grip on his handshake.


Ron Bloomberg. Again, obtained at the Westchester card Show (sense a pattern here?) It was my second time meeting him and both times I was greeted with a smile and Ron asking how I was. One of the friendliest players I ever met.Signed 1st AL DH along the side of his name


Phil Hughes.I got him TTM when he was at Charleston a few years back. This one was during his first season with the Yankees. My buddy went with me to a card show and beknownst to me, bought me this ball, I had it authenticated to make sure it was legit.


Austin Jackson. One of the Yankees top minor leaguers. I sent this ball to him c/o Yankees ST back in March and got it back within a month.


Jack Clark. Another ball I bought at my card shop for 10.00. I hear Clark is a toughie and he hardly makes apperances here so I decided to snatch it when I saw it.


David Wells. Got this from a friend who met him and he signed two baseballs.


Jimmy Key. Got him to sign it at the Westchester Card Show. Quiet, but very nice.


That all my baseballs. Small I know, but wait till you see my other signed collectables and I will fill you guys in on a project I started in my next blog.




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