Start Of A New Collection

As many cards I have. As many bobble heads I own. As many autographs I possess. I am always looking for something else to collect to show my love of the Yankees. Sure I have figures and jerseys and t shirts and magazines and other stuff that would make most people back away slowly. I figured what I collect next shouldn’t take too much room or I might end up on that T.V. series, “Hoarders”. 

So, I decided I would start 2 new Yankees collections. These are collections I have always wanted to start and have always been doing in someway. I just decided to be more serious about collecting and taking care of them as I would my other Yankees treasures. One I will discuss here and the other will have a entry of it’s own. Today, I want to show off the beginnings of my Yankees pin collection.

Now, As I mentioned before, I have a few pins already (finding them would be a good thing).  After looking at other fans pins collections, I decided to start my own. Picking up pins is pretty cheap, so I hope to have a pretty good collection of different Yankee pins by the end of the year. 

I was out and about this past Saturday and decided to pop into the Yankees Clubhouse store on 42nd St, by 8th Ave. As I was looking at a few t shirts, jerseys and jackets I plan to pick up for the new season, I stopped by the register to inquire about a Yankees phone cover for my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. They only had Iphone covers at the moment, but I will keep looking as I cannot find a Yankees cover for this phone to save my life. While I was there, I noticed a spin rack of different Yankee pins. After looking over what they had, I picked 3 from the rack and bought them. 

Here are the three pins I picked up:



Grabbed this one of the interlocking NY. I’m more of a fan of the baseball logo, but they didn’t have that one at the time. I will grab it when I see it.


Picked up this one of the new Yankee Stadium. Anything that has Yankee Stadium in any of it’s incarnations, I will grab for my collection.


Of course no Yankees collection is complete without the trophy that no other team as won more of. This was the first pin I saw off the rack and grabbed it without thinking twice.

Admittedly, I do not know much about collecting pins. I do know I have to find a binder of some sort where I can store them. I have seen Disney pin collectors carry their pins around in these binders and I believe I can pick one up at the next sports card show I attend in a couple of weeks, 

I also know that the more desirable pins to collect are the press pins. These are pins that are given out to members of the media for special events such as the All Star Game and World Series, I have seen a few of these pins on eBay and they command a nice chunk of change. Maybe when I have more funds I will pick up a few press pins. 

I’m pretty excited to start this part of my Yankees collection. I’m sure as this collection grows with pins I pick up at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees Clubhouse Store, eBay or anywhere else, I will cherish them as I do with every other part of my collection. I already can’t wait to add more pins.

New Cards For The Yankees Collection And Some More 2013 Topps

I have been a part of a group of guys who share the same passion as I do. Collect as many cards, autographs, game used, figurines, bobble heads, magazines and whatever else we can get our hands on of our favorite teams. We call ourselves The Team Collectors. (Catchy name, ain’t it?). We came together about 7 years ago over on the old Beckett boards. Thankfully  I was the first one who responded and claimed the Yankees and we were off and running.

The premise of the group, originally, was pretty simple. We would send all the other collectors cards of their teams. In return, they would send back cards of the team you collected. Very basic stuff. But, over time, we all have become very close. We not only send each other cards, we are there for each other. We have been through divorces, deaths, marriages, births and everything else life has thrown at us. This group of guys has become a second family to me and I am proud to be a part of this group.

Today, one of our members, Chris who is our resident A’s collector, sent me a nice 2 team bag package of Yankees cards. Here are some of my favorites:

Some Ichiro for the collection:



I’m really hoping that he maintains the .300 average he put up after he was traded to New York. I was glad the Yankees resigned him. He has always been one of my favorite players.

Some 2013 Topps Yankees cards

2013 yankees


I love those Chasing History inserts. Inserts are some of my favorite cards to collect and Topps always has some cool inserts.

A-Rod’s chase to 3,000 hits will be so ho-hum. It’s pretty sad. This should be a celebrated feat, but because of the scandals Rodriguez has been linked to, I’m afraid he won’t get the adulation 3,000 hits warrents.

Some Mark Teixeira cards for my Teixeira collection that I needed:

tex1 tex2 tex3


And an Adam Warren Bowman Platinum autograph

adam warren

Thanks so much Chris. I will be getting a package out to you as well. By the way, Chris has started an A’s blog. I urge you all to go check it out at It’s brand new, so lets all follow it and encourage Chris to blog more and grow it to be a great A’s blog.

I also took another dip into the 2013 Topps waters and bought a jumbo pack of cards. I usually have great luck with Topps Baseball Jumbo packs. I have pulled a 1/1 Dan Uggla Letter patch card which I flipped for a Lou Brock auto and a Barack Obama cut autograph on a baseball. That I sold and used the money to pay off some bills. Yes, I wish I held on to it a little longer. I sold the card before he became president and probably cost myself an extra thousand. But, I’m fine with the sale and don’t regret it.

This pack did not yield anything special:


2013 topps

I did manage to pull one Yankees card and it’s a beauty, if I do say so myself



Pretty sweet die cut insert. Not sure if these are hard to pull. I didn’t see any in the blaster I opened before. I’m going to have to do some research on it. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet addition to my Yankees PC. I do have a small Jeter PC going. I say small as I don’t actively collect Jeter since he is pretty expensive. But, thanks to the Team Collectors, I have a nice Jeter collection.

Looking forward to the first televised Spring Training game on YES Network this Sunday against the on paper improved Toronto Blue Jays. The game starts at 1 pm  I love watching the very first televised Spring Training game. It reminds me that Spring is not too far off and Opening Day will be here soon enough. I can officially start counting the days to April 1st.

New Yankee Autograph-Art Ditmar

I love collecting Yankees memorabilia. Whenever I pick up something Yankees or am given a Yankees gift I feel like I am a part of the team. I know that sounds pretty corny, but it’s always how I always felt. From getting my first Yankees cap, to my first Yankees baseball card, to my first jersey, and so on and so forth.

One of my absolute favorite things to add to my Yankees collection is autographs. I am trying to get at least 1 autograph of as many players who wore the Yankee pinstripes. An impossible task, I know, but I am having a blast trying.

I get them anyway I can. Certified autos from the card companies, ebay, in person appearances. Any way I can get them. I get a lot through the mail or TTM as us autograph hounds call it. I’ve had some pretty good success sending requests to players and asking them to sign a card or photo. I usually try and ask a former player who doesn’t have any certified autographs. Makes it more fun to chase and your collection more unique.

Recently, Former Yankees pitcher Art Ditmar signed a photo and a Yankee Stadium custom card I sent to him.






Ditmar pitched 5 seasons for the Yankees, winning a career high 15 games in 1960. Ditmar was a part of the 1958 World Championship team and started Game 1 and Game 5 of the 1960 World Series losing both. He also had 2 stints with the A’s in Philadelphia and Kansas City.

I am very pleased I could add Ditmar to my Yankees autograph collection. Ditmar might not have been a major star, but I will always want the autographs of any player who played with the Yankees. Be it 1o years or 1/3rd of an inning. Once a player puts on the Yankee pinstripes, he is a part of the team’s history and I will always have a spot in my colelction for those players.

Finally….2013 Topps Blaster Is In My Hands!

It’s funny how things sometimes happen. On Wednesday, I was on my way to an autograph session at Mid Town Comics Downtown to meet Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. At first, I wasn’t going to go, having read and disliking what he did to Peter Parker, but I figured if I didn’t try and meet one of the better writers in comics today I would eventually regret it.

After my workout, I jumped on someone else’s train (The Cure representin’, yo) and headed to Fulton St. Once I got to the comic book store, I saw a line that went outside. With only an hour to go, I figured that I would not get to meet Slott so I left to go home. I passed a Modell’s Sporting Good Store, looked in the window and there it was. A blaster of 2013 Topps Baseball. I immediately went inside, grabbed the box with my greedy mitts and bought the blaster.

Once I got home, I tore into that sucker and started opening packs. Now, I’m not much of a reviewer. I leave that to other bloggers who actually know what they are talking about. But, I always love the design of Topps Baseball. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I look forward to my first baseball product of the year or maybe because I have been busting this product since 1978 and have become extremely biased. Regardless, I love the simple designs Topps uses for this product.

As I opened packs, I made sure to look for Yankee cards. Midway through my 3rd pack I finally pulled a Yankee:


A C.C. Sabathia Calling Card insert. Nice card. Kind of looks like an Allan & Ginter card.

I resumed opening packs, looking for more Yankees for my collection. After striking out more times than the Gas-House Gorillas, I finally pulled another Yankee in my final pack. Unfortunately, it was a Yankee who is no longer with the team.. or the country for that matter.



Still, 2 Yankees i this blaster is ok with me. Better than no Yankees and I turn into someone worse than those people trying to return video games in that Game Fly commercial. Here is the “hits” I pulled from the blaster.

baseball cards

I also pulled 2 Million Dollar Chase code cards. I think that part of the Topps Website won’t be up until April, so hold on to those cards.

Last year, I pulled a Roger Maris fake patch card. This year, I get a Padre. I hope it makes the Padre collector in my group very happy. I do dig the mini 1972 inserts. I look forward to getting all the Yankees in that little set.

Overall, I like the product and I’m very happy with the purchase. Would have liked more Yankees for my collection, but what are you going to do? I will pick up a few more blasters and pick up the Yankees base team set while I hunt for the inserts and any game used or autographs this set has of the Yankees.

Maybe the next time I go hunting for Topps Baseball I will run into Dan Slott instead.


From The Collection: Casey Stengel Bobblehead

Casey Stengel Photo (10)


Today I actually hoped I was going to be able to show my first Yankee cards from 2013 Topps Baseball. Unfortunately, the Target I shop at in the Bronx didn’t get their shipment in as of yet. I should have known that would happen. The last 2 years they didn’t get that years Topps in until 2 weeks after it was released. Oh well, I guess I’m going to either have to hit my local card shop and grab a couple of packs of Jumbo or hit Kmart to see if they have the blasters in.

Baseball cards are not the only Yankee related things I collect. One of my absolute favorite things to collect are bobbleheads. I’m a huge fan of them and have been buying them for a couple of years now. Right now, I currently stand at 30 Yankees bobblehead figures (I refuse to call them dolls!) in my collection and I’m always looking to add more.

Today, I wanted to show off one of my more recent pick ups, Casey Stengel. I have been wanting to add the “Old Perfessor” to my bobblehead collection for sometime. Most of the ones I saw on ebay always finished at a price I was unwilling to pay.

Then, I noticed one that had an extremely low bid with a day to go. I put it on my watch list and bid the most I was willing to go. A day later, I got the notification that I won Casey at an amount I a lot lower than I bid. I was extremely happy that I won it and was even more pleased when Casey arrived.



This particular bobblehead is made by Alexander Global, which in my opinion, made some of the best bobbleheads. This one is a retail bobble. Casey is dressed in Yankee pinstripes and Yankee blue baseball cap. The plaque on the base simply says 10 pennants and 7 world titles. I think the resemblance is terrific as well.






The back shows Casey’s number 37 that he wore proudly on his back as he guided the American League “Whiz Bangs” to the ultimate success again and again from 1949-1960 when he was unceremoniously fired by the Yankees for “being too old”. Casey went on to manage the Mets and helped put them on the map.

I really like this bobblehead and I love the idea of the managers getting their due in bobble form. I do have a Joe Torre in my collection. I would love to see a Miller Huggins, Joe McCarthy and Ralph Houk put out as well. I think there is a Billy Martin bobblehead out there, but not by Alexander Global or Forever, who puts out the majority of  bobbleheads these days.

To me, bobblehead figures are as part of baseball as peanuts and Cracker Jacks. They make great collectibles and are a great way to show off your team spirit. I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to showing off more of my bobbleheads in future blogs.

1964 Topps Giants Baseball



As someone who is always looking to add vintage cards to my Yankees collection at a reasonable price, I have found that the 1964 Topps Giants fits the bill. This set is very affordable for those who want to add vintage cards for prices that won’t break the bank.

1964 Topps Giants has 60 postcard sized cards in this set. These glossy cards were sold in three card cello packs. There were 7 short printed cards in this set. Even back in the 60′s the short prints wrecked havoc on collectors as those short printed cards are pretty rare, with Sandy Koufax being one of them. From what I understand, this was just a one year set and was discontinued after the the ’64 season.

There are 3 Yankees in this set. Each card is pretty affordable, unless your looking for slabbed cards. Me, I like my cards unslabbed. If they are slabbed, you really can’t enjoy the cards. Just my opinion, of course.


Love this Elston Howard card with him crouching down into the catcher’s position. While doing some research on this set, I was amazed at first that there was no Yogi Berra, until I realized he was managing the ’64 Yankees. If your buying off ebay, this card could be had for under 10.00.



One Yankees Hall Of Famer who’s prices are usually pretty reasonable is the Chairman Of The Board, Whitey Ford. Usually, Ford’s card prices are ending in the 25.00-30.00 range. This card goes for even less. I have seen unslabbed cards go for anywhere from 7.00-15.00. Pretty good price for someone who is arguably the greatest pitcher in Yankees history.









Who wouldn’t want to add a vintage Mickey Mantle to their Yankees collection. As we all know, vintage Mantle costs vintage type money. Depending on the card, expect to pay over 100.00 at minimum for one. This card, however, can be had for about 30.00 for an unslabbed card. I’ll pay 30 bucks for a vintage Mantle everyday, twice on Sunday.

I have yet to pick up these three cards for my Yankees collection. One of my collecting goals for 2013 was to add more vintage to my Yankees collection. I will add these to my collection this year. Usually, I like to deal with card dealers, but for vintage cards, I think I can pay a better price if I go through ebay. I have seen these at card shows for a lot more than what I can pay if I got them through ebay. If I’m lucky, I can add these 3 beautiful cards for under 50.00.

Oh, just for kicks and giggles, here’s a card from that same set of a future Yankees manager




New Autograph Addition: Bob Turley

bob turley


During the week, one of my recent autograph requests was returned to me by former Yankee pitcher, “Bullet” Bob Turley.  I was thrilled when this came back. I had met him a few years ago at a baseball card show in White Plains and had him sign a Yankees mini ice cream helmet when I was collecting them. I had sent out a request because I wanted to have him sign one of my custom Yankee cards and a 5×7 photo for my Yankees collection and in under 2 weeks time, both were returned signed.





Unfortunately, the card was dinged in the lower corner, as you can see. Still I am pleased I can add “Bullet” Bob to my Yankees autograph collection.

For the younger readers, Bob Turley pitched from 1951 to 1963. As side from the Yankees, he pitched for the St. Louis Browns, The Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Angels and finished his career with the Red Sox. His career numbers are 101-85 with a 3.64 ERA. He was a 3 time All Star and won 2 World Championships. 1958 was his best year as he won 21 games for the Yankees winning the Cy Young Award as well as World Series MVP in helping the Yankees beat the Braves in the World Series.

Thank you Mr. Turley for signing my stuff.

1/31/2013-Been Way Too Long



Hey everyone. Long time no see. Hope everyone is doing alright. Me? I’m OK. I have been keeping myself  busy with work and writing a pop culture related blog called ‘The Sexy Geek’s House Of Swag”. It’s a great blog and I have a lot of fun with it. Here’s the link if your interested in checking it out :

Writing The House Of Swag has made me a better blogger and after a while, I started to think about re-starting this blog. One of the reasons why I think the blog didn’t do too well the first time around was because I was new to the blogging game. I was reading other blogs and was pretty intimidated by some of the awesome stuff that was being written and I tried hard to keep up. Then I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing by blogging about collectibles when I could have been playing amateur Ken Rosenthal and stuck with stats, news and game scores.

Now that I have had some time to be away doing other things, I am back and I will blog what I blog about best. I plan to blog about my Yankees collection, any Yankee related functions I attend and that includes games, any Yankee related merchandise that is being released and anything else I can think of. Sure, I will leave my thoughts about what’s going on in the Yankee Universe and have some fun doing it .But I will not get hardcore geeky about stats. I’m not a stats guy.

So, now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you what happened this past Tuesday.

It was a usual Tuesday. I worked and went to the gym I attend in Manhattan. After lifting weights for about an hour I started walking to the train I take to go home. I have to pass through Time Square, which is never fun for me. I passed by 44th Street and I remembered my friend telling me  that Mark Teixeira was performing with the cast of Rock Of Ages that day. I started to wonder if I could actually wait and meet him once his performance was over. I decided I would try and meet him.

I had bought along a baseball with me in case I did decide to go and wait. I was expecting a huge crowd waiting, but when I only saw 2 people, I decided to wait. I had my Kindle with me and read until 9:00 PM. Around that time, the theater workers put up steel barriers in case someone went all ga ga and tried to attack Tex like Mortica The Kissing Bandit (OK, I’m showing my age there.). I passed the time making small talk with the fans who were in my area.

One by one, the cast came out and signed Playbills for the fans who had seen the show and gathered around to wait. Surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t large at all. I was expecting a lot more people waiting to try to get Teixeria to sign when he came out. But a smaller crowd is better for us autograph hounds. It increases the chance that Tex would stop and sign for us.

At 10:00 PM, the man of the hour finally showed up. As soon as Tex came out, he went right to work and started signing and talking to the fans. It wasn’t too long before he was right in front of me. I handed him my ball and noticed he was a lot bigger than I thought he was. I told him what a huge fan I was and we shared the same birthday. He thought that was pretty cool and handed me back my baseball, signed. I finally had a Mark Teixeira signed baseball and I was pretty thrilled about it. I moved out of  the way and stopped and snapped a quick shot with my phone.



I really need to invest in a camera, me thinks.

And here’s the signed baseball.



Teixeira is my favorite current Yankee and it was such a thrill not only to meet him, but to get him to sign a baseball to add to my Yankee signed baseball collection. Now, that’s what I call a terrific evening.


4 more days until I settle in front of my TV and watch the Yanks take on the Red Sox. I cannot wait for the regular season to start. Durng my rounds at the office, I over heard a conversation between two co-workers regarding Damaso Marte. One was in favor of him being the 7th inning guy and the other was in favor of getting rid of him.

Here’s my take. Although I like the way he pitched in the post season, I want to take a wait and see approach with him because he hasn’t exatcly lit the world on fire since he’s been here. His ERA (if I calcuated correctly) since he’s been here is 6.73.Yes, I understand he’s been injured, which is why I’d like to see a full season in the pen. I know he can pitch in the AL because he had his best season as a White Sox back in 2003 when he went 4-2 with a 1.58 ERA. He struk out 87 batters in 79.2 innings, walked 34 and allowed 50 hits. Not too shabby, but that was 7 years ago. He’s 35 years old. This is a very important year him, so I’d like to see him come through this season and maybe become a part of the “Formula” that brigdes the 7th and 8th innings to Mo in the ninth.

Going to add to my growing bobble head collection after work. The Yankee Clubhouse has a sale on the World Championship bobble heads and I have been wanting to start collecting the set. I hope to pick up Tex and Jeter today, possibly Matsui if they have the one with the WS MVP. Got my lap top back, so I can possibly post pics later.



My first entry of the new year. With less than 6 days until Opening Day when the Yankees open up at Fenway against the Red Sox, I have to say I am pretty excited about this season. I have kept quiet this off season as I watch the Yankees let Damon and Matsui walk, signed Nick Johnson and Randy Winn and traded for Curtis Granderson and Javier Vasquez. I know I’m gonna miss Godzilla and, to some extent, Johnny Damon. Yes, he was an huge part of why the Yankees won last year and brought an excitable personality to the otherwise business-like Yankees, but I have to be honesty here, I never warmed up to Damon. I think Swish and AJ will give us the personality that Damon takes with him and with the additions of Grandy and Winn, our outfield defense is upgraded. With the addition of Vasquez, I think the rotation, rounded out by recently named 5th starter Phil Hughes, will be one of the best in the American League.

I hope to keep up with this blog. I enjoy writting it, but last season, time kept me from blogging as much as I wanted. Plus, I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading it to begin with. I decided that that was the wrong mentality to have. I write this because I enjoy it. If anyone reads it, great, if not, that’s ok as well. Plus, looking at all the other cool blogs on here, I guess I got a little intimidated. Not anymore. I feel I can write a great blog that people will enjoy. With some practice, maybe it can be named one of MLB’s top 100 blogs. Would be pretty sweet.

I still collect Yankees stuff and have recently added bobbleheads to my collection. I have always loved bobbleheads and want to start a nice collection of Yankee bobbleheads. After looking at other teams promotions, I have always wondered why the Yankees do not give away bobbleheads. I think that would be an awesome giveaway. Imagaine a Yankee Legends set with Babe, Gehrig, Joe D, Mickey, Rizzuto, Yogi, Then a 70′s team set of Munson, Jackson, Catfish, Pinellia, Nettles, Goose and Chambliss. An 80′s set with Mattingly, Winfield, Rickey, Guidry, Randolph, Righetti, Paglirullo and Balboni, then a 90′s set featuring Jeter, Bernie, O’Neill, Tino, Girardi, Strawberry, Pettitte and Mo. The possibilites are endless. Sadly, the Yankees don’t produce them. not sure why. I’m hoping they change their mind in the near future.

So far, I have games planned for calander weekend, Rivera figurine night in June, my usual trip to Seattle to see the Yankees play, which will be in July this year and any other games in between. I’d like to get to more than the handful I made it out to last year. Plus, I have my season tickets with the Staten Island Yankees this year. I cannot wait! Plus, I will make it to some games at Citi Field to see former Yankees play like Wang and I-Rod with the Nats and Meilky with Atlanta and try to get them to sign baseballs for the collection. There there is the trip to Chicago at the end of May. Hopefully, I’ll make it to a Cubs game this time.


Hope you’ll follow me through out the course of the season.



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